There’s a new House being constructed in Frankfort. My priority is to ensure that the citizens in Rowan, Elliott, and Lewis counties are not left behind as Kentucky’s new administration moves our state out of the past and into what I know will be a much different and much brighter future.

Kentucky has been suffering for a very long time. We are on the bottom of every national list for health, wellness, and prosperity. We only top the lists for corrupt government and taxes. Just like the KY House, our rankings need to flip, which will require a clinician—not a politician—to bring the cure!

For 22 years I have served Kentuckians as a RN and a Family Nurse Practitioner. I can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch my district, my KY, die. On this page, I explain my “keys to the cure,” because we deserve better, and it’s time we demanded better! It’s time for change and for you to have a Representative who really CARES for YOU!

Wendy’s Keys to the Cure


Protect Life and Our
Constitutional Freedoms

Life is both precious and fragile. I hold pro-life views across the life span, meaning that I support the protection of life from conception until death. I believe that all life is precious and that we must provide for the safety and well-being of not only the unborn but also for those unable to care for themselves and those approaching death. Respect for our elders and the opportunity for a dignified life and death are key to our success as a society.

It is imperative that we respect the constitutional freedoms we all hold dear in Kentucky. I will always stand for our religious freedoms, for our second amendment right to bear arms—and pray we never have to defend it for its intended use, but will get in my target practice any time I can—just in case.


Promote Policies That Create
Jobs & Educational Opportunities

With a new House in Frankfort, we need new leadership that will implement policies that benefit the economy as well as our educational institutions. Partnering with industries, our community and technical colleges, and with our public and private universities, we can create truly symbiotic relationships between students and businesses, and businesses and our communities. Why don’t we help our industries and students help one another be successful by providing incentives for those funding individual students, which in turn will provide them with qualified workers? Why don’t we provide incentives for businesses that offer paid internships? Talk about “work ready!” These are just a few examples of ways we can strengthen our economies with skilled workers upon graduation and take a burden off of our already over-burdened students and taxpayers.

I will fight for legislation that ensures our children are prepared to compete for new job opportunities once they graduate, and that assures solid life skill preparedness at the same time. Balancing a personal budget, understanding the pros and cons of credit agreements, how to navigate insurance policies, understanding basic nutrition and the importance of fitness and personal wellness are not standardized test questions but are imperative to successful adulthood that many of our students leave school without ever learning. This must change and I will lead the charge!


Problem-Solve Healthcare Solutions

As a nurse practitioner, I see what politics has done to my patients, their families, their employers, and our communities. My life’s work has been focused on helping families and children get the health care they need. I have also advocated for fair reimbursement and unrestricted practice for health care providers. I will continue these efforts while helping to reshape our state’s insurance system so that working families can afford their coverage and Medicaid becomes a fair plan that no longer drains our state’s budget.

I will fight for disability reform so that those who need help can get it and those who are abusing the system no longer do so upon the backs of the taxpayers. Fraud and abuse is rampant in our state and costs millions of dollars a year. I will help your tax dollars stretch farther by eliminating fraud and abuse in our health care system.


Provide Government Transparency

Many teachers and state workers are nervous about their retirements, and we heard and read about this issue almost daily during the 2016 regular session of the KY General Assembly. What you did not hear about was our legislators’ retirements, because they are not transparent to the public. The government does not follow the same open records rules for legislative pensions as the rest of our state institutions. It is time that we pushed for real transparency from our leaders in Frankfort. We know what a mess our teachers’ retirements are in, so why shouldn’t we know what’s going on with our legislators’ retirements as well?

Government transparency will also allow voters to become more aware of when partisan politics are getting in the way of results for our communities. During the 2016 legislative session, partisan politics almost got in the way of providing a new veteran’s home in Bowling Green because the amendment to allow it was made by someone from the minority party. This project was fully funded by the federal government on the behalf of veterans in that area. So an amendment that would have cost our state ZERO dollars was almost lost because of classic Kentucky “good old boy” politics.
Transparency would also be improved through legislated term limits for ALL elected officials. I will sponsor a bill to limit how long any elected official could hold the same office, whether in the legislature or in a Constitutional office. This would also remedy the legislative pension issue for life-time politicians, because there would no longer be any!


You need a Representative who will shut the door on federal overreach and stand strong to protect our rights in this state. These platform keys were derived from the pleas of people all over House District 99 for a candidate that believes and supports their values: God, family, life, health, hard work, and the liberty to succeed in a free society. I believe these keys will open the door to a brighter future for our children and our grandchildren, and help us all survive a post-Obama America.

If you support the ideas, support me, Wendy Fletcher, as your candidate for State Representative in House District 99. Pledge your support online at and follow me on social media by liking and sharing Fletcher For Kentucky on Facebook and favorite/retweet on Twitter.