fletcher-headshot-mdHello! I’d like to introduce myself to you, as a candidate for the KY House of Representatives in District 99.

My name is Wynetta “Wendy” Fletcher, and I am a Conservative Republican from Rowan County.

Rowan County has been “home” for me since I graduated as a Valedictorian from West Carter High School (’89) and moved to Morehead while working and earning my bachelor of science in nursing degree from Morehead State (’94). I commuted from Lakeview Heights while I worked as a critical care fellowship nurse at King’s Daughters Medical Center in Ashland. In 1999 I earned my Masters of Science in Nursing from the University of KY, as a family nurse practitioner. I have worked as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) since then. In 2012, I earned a Doctorate of Nursing Practice degree from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, while maintaining my full time clinical practice in Morehead.

I have been married to the same wonderful man, Richard Fletcher, aka “Fletch,” since 1994. We have two amazing and beautiful young women at home, Allison (19) and Reagan (13). Allison is attending MSU on an honors scholarship and is a biomedical science major. Reagan is an 8th grader at Rowan County Middle School.

In 2005, I opened Health Plus, a family practice clinic, to care for young families and people needing preventative care services and chronic disease management.

This is the first time I have ever officially filed to run in a state government election. I have run in numerous state-wide elections in the KY Coalition of Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives, where I was elected and served over 2,000 APRNs as a member at large, secretary, and am currently in my second term as their President. I have advocated for numerous health care bills and regulation reforms in Frankfort over the last 17 years.

I am running for office because I value people. I care about empowering people to make their lives better in every way. Doing things because it’s “the way it’s always been,” is not good enough for me. I believe we have to adapt, improve, and do something differently if we are ever going to make our district more than a nice place to “be from;” I want it to be my family’s “forever home” for generations to come.

As a healthcare provider for people in the 99th House district, I see firsthand, every day, what “politics” has done to my patients, their families, their employers, and our community. I have heard their plea for a candidate that believes and supports their values: God, family, health, and the liberty to succeed in a free society. People are literally ill trying to survive the Obama administration’s overreach into their pockets, their schools, their religious freedoms, and are back-broken under Obamacare and government over-regulation at every turn. I believe a true citizen-legislator, who can formulate good policy, not just good politics, is the cure.

People should realize that all the good “favor” we may have enjoyed from Frankfort in the past is a rapidly closing door. There’s a new House being constructed in Frankfort, and when that door closes, the same old keys, well, they just aren’t going to fit anymore.

I’ve been asked about “connections” and raising money against a long time politician; these questions are both obvious and understandable. My “connections” are to the people of this district and across the state who want something different, something more, and something better for themselves and their families. Their prayers and support, financial and otherwise, will fuel my campaign. As far as funds, I think our last state election taught us all that big money can’t always compete with little people who serve a mighty God, fighting for little towns, little schools, and a little thing we like to call the American Dream!

My priority is to ensure that the citizens in the 99th district are not left behind as KY’s new administration moves our state out of the past and into what I know will be a much different, much brighter, future. My focus will be on protecting personal freedom, recruiting new business, assuring access to affordable healthcare, protecting life, and improving education in our schools for teachers, administrators, and most importantly our children.

People who value hard work, personal freedom, common sense policy, respect life, and believe we should be as good at facing our check book as we are at checking our Facebook are looking for a different kind of candidate. They understand that a new House requires a different key and I’m ready to be their locksmith!